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We develop complementary high performance technology solutions designed to solve the issues facing an evolving financial industry

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Trading Solutions

Enabling trading application developers to leverage the power of FPGA and reduce time-to-production while maintaining the flexibility of software-based solutions.

FPGA-based Trading Engine


A full featured execution engine with an FPGA algo sandbox allowing users to trade with the performance of hardware assisted by the flexibility of software.

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FPGA-based Market Data Processing


A high-performance feed handler which streamlines market data application development by processing data feeds for applications via a simple, normalized API.

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Network Infrastructure

A wireless link management product suite designed to build next generation, low latency trading networks

Wireless Bandwidth Management

nxLink Share

Strict and fair allocation of bandwidth to all services while increasing network capacity.

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Fiber Arbitration & Link Redundancy

nxLink Secure

Improve link reliability without impacting latency while ensuring zero loss of data and avoiding service outages.

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FPGA Technology

FPGA technology is the foundation for all Enyx off-the-shelf solutions and provides clients with the toolchain to manage a large portfolio of FPGA-based applications.

FPGA Development Framework


A hardware and software development environment designed to efficiently build and maintain ultra-low latency FPGA applications for the financial industry.

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IP Cores for FPGA developers

Complementing nxFramework, a powerful, best-in-class set of IP cores designed to achieve high performance with reduced power consumption.

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