nxUDP – Standard Edition

10G & 25G UDP/IP + MAC IP Cores for FPGAs

The world’s most reliable and mature full hardware UDP/IP and MAC IP Cores


Bring the best-in-class network connectivity to your hardware code and algorithms with Enyx rock-solid and acclaimed Ethernet IP Cores. Minimize time-to-market with our full RTL implementation and support. Stay always at the forefront of technology with our frequent updates with the latest improvements and optimizations.


The nxUDP – Standard Edition overview:


nxUDP Standard Edition



Available FPGA providers:

Key Points


  • 10G & 25G Ethernet connectivity. Maximum bandwidth delivered with low latency
  • Full RTL Layers 2, 3 and 4, which include Enyx proprietary full-hardware UDP/IP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP and MAC implementations
  • Easy to use standardized Avalon and AXI-4 interfaces
  • Support of multiple instances per FPGA
  • Each connection can be configured dynamically in server or client mode
  • Support for Unicast and Multicast transmit/receive

Compliant with:

Technical Specifications


Layers 1 and 2: Physical and Data Link


PHY Interface
10G – XGMII interface (72-bit @ 156.25 MHz) to integrated XAUI PHY or 10GBase-R with PMA-PCS
25G – XXVGMII interface (72-bit @ 390.625 MHz) to integrated XXVAUI or 25GBase-R with PMA-PCS.


Raw MAC Stream Interface (access to MAC in promiscuous/transparent mode)
10G – 64-bit wide @ 156.25 MHz
25G – 128-bit wide @ 195.3125 MHz


Customizable MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)
– Up to 9000 bytes payload to support from standard to jumbo frames.

Supported FPGA platforms:

Layers 3 and 4: Network and Transport


ICMP and ARP protocols
– Support for ARP static tables.


Multiple Interfaces
– Up to 8 logical interfaces per instance, each of them with unique IPv4 and MAC addresses, VLAN ID, gateway and mask.


Avalon/AXI-4 Streaming Interface
10G – 128-bit wide @ 156.25 MHz
25G – 128-bit wide @ 195.3125 MHz


Configuration and management interface
– 32-bit Avalon-MM/AXI-4 lite slave control interface.
– Status and statistics available for monitoring at MAC, TCP and UDP session level.


UDP/IP specifications
Up to 256 UDP sessions


IGMPv2 protocol
– Support for Membership Report/Leave message generation (for UDP multicast groups).
– Support for Membership Query message reception.


Supports Unicast and Multicast transmit/receive

Enyx certified board partners:

Package contents


nxUDP IP Core
– Libraries for functional simulation
– Synthesizable VHDL and Verilog RTL (encrypted) for synthesis/implementation


nxUDP Test bench
– Simulation libraries


Client-Server Reference Designs
– Simulation environment and scripts
– Quartus II and Vivado Synthesis/implementation project for supported partner’s
– Integrated support for 10GBase-R or XAUI External PHY to QSFP/SFP+ module


Complete Documentation
– nxUDP user’s manual
– Getting started guide


Technical Support and Maintenance Updates
– 1 year of technical support
– 1 year of IP updates