The next generation in wireless network building platforms

Build your end-to-end, low-latency trading network infrastructure with nxLink


nxLink is a suite of next-generation network products designed to address performance problems such as latency, link management and bandwidth optimization. Leveraging FPGA technology, nxLink makes networks smarter by performing high level processing while sustaining wire-speed and offering nanosecond scale latency.


nxLink is not only designed for telecommunication operators and wireless network service providers, but also caters to investment banks and market data providers who operate their own networks and wish to improve the stability and performance of their infrastructure.


  • Ethernet fragmentation and reassembly
  • Allocate bandwidth to all of your services
  • Strict and fair bandwidth policing
  • Increase bandwidth capacity of Layer 1 networks by up to 20%



  • Network feed drastically improves link reliability without impacting overall latency
  • A solution to microwave reliability challenges (signal reflection over water paths or weather sensitivity)
  • Duplicate and arbitrate network feeds



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Key Features

  • Share bandwidth and police user traffic in a fair/deterministic way (Up to 18 physical user ports)
  • Create virtual users using VLANs and apply bandwidth and routing parameters
  • Aggregate multiple radio links into one or manage multiple destinations
  • Optimize bandwidth with up to 1.2Gb/s on compatible 1GbE Layer 1 radios
  • Monitor network status with live link latency monitoring and historical data access

Ultra Low Latency:

  • 524 ns User-to-User latency for 1 Byte payload – 10G radio interface (microwave)
  • 658 ns User-to-User latency for 1 Byte payload – 1G radio interface (millimeter wave)


  • Offers entry level option for smaller networks; limited to 12 physical user ports, no virtual user support and one single radio port
  • Includes the same features & performance as nxLink Share Enterprise


  • nxLink Node routes user traffic between multiple radio links
  • 1G and 10G radio interface compliant
  • Component of the nxLink Share low latency trading infrastructure

Share Latency

Microwave (10G)

524 ns

Millimeter wave (1G)

658 ns

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*user-to-user latency for one byte of payload (nanoseconds)


Key Features

  •  Smart packet arbitration between wireless and fiber back-up to ensure best performance and zero loss of data or service outages 
  •  Fiber back-up for wireless connectivity disruption due to inclement weather conditions
  • Integration with nxLink – Share
    • Monitors packet time spent in input buffers


  • 200 ns User-to-User latency for 64 byte payload


  • Secures an unreliable RF link using a stable backup fiber network
  • Duplicates ingress packets and performs deduplication on the receiving device
  • Maintains TCP connections over RF links and prevents client disconnects

Secure Latency


200 ns

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*latency (nanoseconds) // 64 byte payload