Designed for the development of ultra-low latency FPGA network processing applications

What is the Enyx Development Framework ?


The Enyx Framework is a hardware and software development environment that allows users to efficiently build SmartNIC and Smart Switch applications. The financial industry, and specifically within trading, has been using the SmartNIC approach for the past 10 years with a goal of achieving ultra low latency processing. 


Developed for building in-house high performance trading engines, order execution gateways for pre-trade risk, and custom projects the Enyx Development Framework offers:


Smart NIC

A smartNIC is an FPGA-enabled PCIe card that can perform in-line network packet processing to offload the server CPU. This smartNIC can even perform tasks without the help of software, ensuring best performance.


Smart Switch

A smartSwitch is an FPGA-enabled switching platform that can perform ultra-low latency packet processing operations at the heart of your network.

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Enyx hardware platform partners

FPGA Development Framework

The Enyx Framework is a hardware & software development environment that makes building SmartNIC applications more efficient.


The following IP Cores are provided:

Board Management cores

  • Flash controller support
  • I²c bus controller
  • Instantiation of memory controllers (DDR4, QDR II+)

The framework also includes:

  • A large support of FPGA families
  • Configurable BSP for flexible and scalable deployments
  • Linux Driver and low level configuration/communication libraries


Currently Supported Hardware Platforms:


  • BittWare XUP-P3R (VU9P-3)
  • Xilinx Alveo U200 (VU9P-2)
  • Arista 7130 L Series (VU7P-2)
  • Arista 7130 LB Series (VU9P-3)


  • REFLEX CES XpressGXA10-LP1150T (Turbo Version)

Key Points


Tailored hardware for your application

– Application-specific custom hardware provides the most efficient option to achieve high performance with a reduced power consumption and a low footprint.
– Hardware acceleration delivers parallel processing and offloads application and network protocol management from CPUs.



– Soft-hardware FPGA technology allows silicon reconfiguration and convenient hardware design updates through firmware flash.
– Enyx supports multiple FPGA-based platforms, including COTS NICs and switches, and custom boards.
– Enyx API and Linux drivers are available for seamless hardware-software interfacing.


Expertise and time-to-market advantage

– Enyx FPGA & SoC Verilog/VHDL Development Framework allow soft-hardware developers to easily take advantage of Enyx connectivity IP Cores, letting them focus on their business logic.
– Enyx design services deliver full custom soft-hardware designs for non-soft-hardware developers, and assist and increase the workforce for existing hardware development teams.


Best-in-class connectivity

– Enyx full soft-hardware 25G/10G/1G Ethernet IP Cores include TCP/IP, UDP/IP and MAC protocols implementation and deliver ultra-low latency at maximum bandwidth.
– Enyx DMA provides CPU connectivity through PCIe or AXI-4 bus with drivers and APIs.
– Frequent updates of Enyx packaged IP Cores with optimizations and enhancements are available on the Enyx distribution website.


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