Re-engineered Market Data Distribution

What is nxFeed ?

NxFeed is a full-featured ultra-low latency market data distribution system that leverages FPGA technology to drastically reduce latency


The Enyx FPGA-enabled Feed Handlers decode, normalize, and fully process market data feeds from all of today’s major exchanges before distributing to a wide range of applications


Our clients benefit from wire-speed performance and jitter-free determinism, without sacrificing simplicity and flexibility.


Developed to satisfy the needs all sizes of infrastructure — the nxFeed solution offers:



Driven by next-gen Xilinx VUS+ FPGA technology, the processing, normalization and distribution of market data is fully performed by the FPGA



A standardized, easy-to-use C++ API interfaces directly with your trading applications without forfeiting speed or processing power



Our reliable and ultra-lean API can handle any resynchronization or reconnection with the exchange to handle midday connection or network outages



Able to distribute data to applications via PCIe or Ethernet, nxFeed can adapt to rapidly changing scenarios and connect your application several trading desks simultaneously



Give your servers a break! Our FPGA Feed Handler will fully process the market data, freeing up power for other critical tasks

Supported Markets

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How is nxFeed unique?

With constant, deterministic, and jitter-free performance, nxFeed filters un-needed data and increases overall performance by reducing the network and server load.


With an easy-to-use API, nxFeed offers features that were typically reserved only for software solutions:


  • TCP-based Consumer Resynchronization
  • Centralized Dictionary Management
  • Centralized Consumer Administration & Management

NxFeed is designed to serve large, multi-site trading infrastructures and can produce a variety of normalized feeds to satisfy different requirements across your organization.


Use Case: Multi-site Deployment


The nxFeed solution guarantees:


  • The highest quality of data for a large infrastructures
  • Seamless filtering and generation of different feeds to adapt to changing trading requirements
  • A uniform deployment across different sites

Performance reports


<1.2 µs*


<8 µs*

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*SOP-to-SOP latency measured on the switch


– Average Latency < 1.2 μs
– Maximum Latency < 8 μs
– Supports up to 16 000 symbols for by-order feeds
– Supports up to 32 000 symbols for by-price feeds
– Symbols / Message type / Book Depth Filtering – By-Message A/B feed arbitration
– Book-based and/or Order-based normalized market data
– Exchange resynchronization
– Normalized protocol across venues
– TCP-based consumer resynchronization
– Extreme resiliency to bursts
– Up to 8 multi-cast outputs with different publication configurations