Evolved Market Access

What is nxAccess ?

nxAccess is our FPGA-enabled Network Interface Card (NIC) that enables you to process raw market data and execute orders at wire speed for time-sensitive trading strategies. 


Designed to accelerate software strategies, nxAccess can also host in-FPGA algorithms ensuring the best performance without sacrificing flexibility.


Developed for market making, high performance trading & arbitrage the nxAccess solution offers:



driven by the latest Xilinx VUS+ FPGA, nxAccess can fully process & normalize raw market data while preloading thousands of orders within the FPGA’s memory — offering sub 700ns latency



with the exchange connectivity fully offloaded by the FPGA, your engineers can focus on the development of your business logic — improving your overall time-to-market



our reliable and ultra-lean C++ API can handle any resynchronization or reconnection with the exchange so your strategies can run smoothly



typical ULL solutions are limited by the rigidity of hardware implementation, while nxAccess supports all available market data message & order types — accelerating even the most complex trading strategies



you will get more out of your server as our best-in-class FPGA is designed to off-load more processing while reducing your footprint

Supported Markets

What makes nxAccess unique?

With constant, deterministic, and jitter-free performance, nxAccess won’t let your trades be thrown off by market bursts. nxAccess offers the power of FPGA technology with the integration simplicity of a software solution. 


Firms using full or hybrid software solutions are forced to optimize each individual strategy in order to be competitive. nxAccess eliminates the need for tedious fine tuning while guaranteeing superior performance.


nxAccess: Making FPGAs more accessible

The nxAccess solution offers added flexibility by now supporting trading algorithms developed using High Level Synthesis (HLS) technologies, in addition to traditional hardware native languages such as VHDL or Verilog — making ultra low latency trading strategies more accessible.


With the nxAccess HLS trading platform, firms without in-house hardware expertise can adapt their latency sensitive strategies in a matter of weeks to run directly on the FPGA — improving their hit rates & increasing profits.


Hardware & Software Algorithm Capabilities



  • Supports up to 8000 symbols
  • Symbols / Message type / Book depth filtering
  • A/B feed arbitration by message
  • Book-based and/or order-based market data updates
  • Market data & order execution exchange resynchronization
  • 2 MBytes of in-FPGA order storage
    • Up to 16 000+ order buffers
    • Orders can be stored one-by-one or in bulk
    • Order MTU up to 1504 Bytes
  • Kill switch with software heartbeat & bandwidth watchdog
  • Aggregated Rx/Tx audit trail
  • Monthly performance & EDC updates


Performance Reports

Full Hardware Tick-to-Trade

< 700 ns*

Software Tick-to-Trade

1.5 µs*

consult our latency reports

*SOP-to-SOP latency measured on the switch