40G MAC/PCS ULL edition

40G Ethernet MAC/PCS Ultra Low Latency IP core for FPGAs,
exclusively on nxFramework

The most reliable & high performance ultra-low latency 40G MAC/PCS IP core


Designed with low latency electronic trading in mind, the Enyx 40G MAC/PCS Ultra Low Latency IP core brings best-in-class network connectivity to your FPGA designs.


Geared towards minimizing time-to-market with our full RTL implementation and support, the Enyx 40G MAC/PCS ULL IP core helps you stay at the forefront of technology.


The Enyx 40G MAC/PCS ULL is available exclusively as part of an nxFramework subscription.


The 40G MAC/PCS Ultra Low Latency edition overview:

Performance Reports

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Key Points



  • Best-in-class latency from the wire to the user’s own logic. 55 ns RTT — SOP to SOF @ 322 MHz on Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+
  • Full RTL Enyx proprietary ultra-low latency hardware MAC and PCS implementations
  • Clock running at up to 322 MHz for improved latency results
  • Optional DC FIFOs on Rx and Tx datapath
  • Configurable pipes to ease timing closure
  • Standardized Avalon-ST packet streaming interfaces (AXI4-STREAM interface adapters also provided)
  • Included with nxFramework project licence with unlimited instances per FPGA



Enyx certified board partners

Technical Specifications


Layers 1 and 2: Physical and Data Link


Management of layers 1 and 2 (OSI Model), compliant with:

  • Layer 1: IEEE802.3
  • Layer 2: IEEE802.3


Avalon-ST or AXI-4 Streaming

  • 64-bit wide interface running at 322MHz for MAC client port

Supported FPGA platforms:

Available reference designs

This IP Core is supported on all platforms available as part of nxFramework.


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