Stop by our virtual booth and don’t miss Laurent de Barry, Enyx Co-founder & Head of Trading Solutions, give his in depth review of where FPGA stands today and how it stacks up against legacy software technology. Register here >>


Day 1: “A brief history of Market Data: 2001 – 2021”


– Tuesday, May 18th
– 10:00 am EDT

Laurent will be joined by Ciaran Kennedy, Head of Sales at Enyx,  as they chat about the different approaches to processing market data over the past 20 years.


They will discuss how the industry standardized on vendor feeds, migrated to in-house software stacks and finally evolved to FPGA based solutions — touching on all the ups & downs along the way.


Day 2: “Product demo: Moving from trading in software to FPGA in 4 steps”


– Wednesday, May 19th
– 12:00 pm EDT


Laurent walks through the typical steps of moving a trading application from software to FPGA using nxAccess.


Current STAC members and end-users can attend the event by registering here.



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