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Key information:

Date: Tuesday – April 20, 2021
9AM – 12PM ET 


Register here: http://info.enyx.com/enyxonair-2021reg


Enyx On-Air: Spring 2021

A series of web events on the growing use of FPGA within the electronic trading community – hosted by Enyx



9AM – 9:30AM

Fireside chat: Arnaud Derasse, CEO at Enyx joins Dave Snowdon, Director, Engineering at Arista Networks and Olivier Cousin, System Architect at Xilinx for a conversation discussing:


Where is FPGA being used for trading, and is it right for me?

  • The journey from software to hardware
  • Hardware choice: ASIC or FPGA?
  • Standardization trends


9:30AM – 9:50AM

Expert opinion: Enyx CTO, Christophe Desmouliers, on the challenges around FPGA bitstream generation



[Break: 10-15 minutes]



10AM – 11AM

Keynote panel: What are the challenges with using FPGA for trading & what you need to know to succeed.

Discussion with end users, vendors and FPGA veterans covering:

  • Thinking “like software” vs “like hardware” in order to successfully build complex trading systems
  • What logic belongs in FPGA, what is ideal for software & how to decide what is best?
  • Speed vs space constraints, which has priority?
  • How do the tools for software & hardware differ?
  • How has FPGA toolset evolved?


  • Moderator:  Kevin Covington, Independent FinTech consultant
  • Arista Networks:  Dave Snowdon, Director, Engineering
  • McKay Brothers:  Mike Schonberg, Director of Technology
  • Silexica:  Luis Murillo, Chief Technology Officer
  • Xilinx:  Olivier Cousin, System Architect
  • Enyx:  Laurent de Barry, Co-founder & Head of Trading Solutions


11AM – 11:30AM

Participating vendor updates


11:30AM – Noon

Enyx company update & 2021 roadmap – Arnaud Derasse, CEO at Enyx



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