Last week Enyx presented at Global STAC Live,  where we hosted two sessions at our virtual booth.  Each recording, lasting around 20 minutes, can be found below along with a short description about the talk.


Deep dive: A brief history of Market Data: 2001 – 2021


Enyx Co-founder, Laurent de Barry and Ciaran Kennedy, an industry veteran with 15 years of experience, team up to give us a history lesson in market data. In this talk, they chat about the different approaches to processing market data over the past 20 years.


They discuss how the industry standardized on vendor feeds, migrated to in-house software stacks and finally evolved to FPGA-based solutions — touching on all the ups and downs along the way and how the technological innovations led us to where we are today.





Product overview: Moving from trading in software to FPGA in 4 steps


In this talk, Laurent breaks down the typical steps required in order to move a trading application from software to FPGA using nxAccess.


Our end-to-end trading engine, nxAccess, is an ultra-low latency solution that fully processes, filters and normalizes raw market data. The solution also provides an FPGA algo sandbox which allows users to trigger and update orders, pre-loaded by the software, before sending to the trading venue – all with the speed and performance of hardware assisted by the flexibility of software.


Designed for market making, high performance trading and arbitrage strategies, nxAccess accelerates existing trading algorithms with significantly less investment than usually required to achieve FPGA-enabled performance.





If you have any questions or would like to chat more about our product offering or our experience building FPGA-based solutions, contact us here.

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