Market leaders are joining PLDA GROUP in its journey to reduce the barriers to FPGA adoption by seamlessly delivering their IP solutions to the fast growing community of QuickPlay users.



SAN JOSE, Calif., – June 22, 2016 – PLDA GROUP is proud to welcome Adeas, ALSE, Auviz Systems, CAST, Concurrent EDA, Crucial IP, Enyx and Image Matters to its QuickAlliance Ecosystem. By making their IP, design services expertise and FPGA platforms available for QuickPlay designs, the QuickAlliance partners enrich the QuickPlay offering, further reducing the barriers to FPGA adoption.


Arnaud Schleich, President and CEO of PLDA GROUP, commented:

“The ease of use and efficiency of QuickPlay makes it an ideal tool for numerous applications, and addressing these markets would not be possible without a comprehensive ecosystem of partners offering their IP into QuickStore. We are proud and honored to see these high quality IP vendors and design houses joining the QuickAlliance and embarking on this journey to reduce the barriers to FPGA adoption with us.”


QuickPlay users are now able to use high value IP for encryption, compression, network protocol offload, video and image processing, to quickly and intuitively develop their data center, video, imaging and networking applications on the FPGA platforms supported by QuickPlay.


Arnaud Derasse, CEO of Enyx, said:

“As Enyx started many years ago working jointly with PLDA Group to offer TCP and UDP offload engines as RTL IP Cores, we have been excited, from the beginning of QuickPlay’s development, to see our network technologies integrated to the platform. Being part of the QuickAlliance makes seamlessly available our high quality network-enabled solutions to many more users than possible before.”


The QuickStore and QuickPlay combination benefits both IP vendors and designers of FPGA-enabled applications as they put these IP at reach of users with limited hardware expertise or for which the traditional upfront costs associated with RTL hardware development cycles are a barrier to creativity and adoption.


Dr. Ray Hoare, CEO, Concurrent EDA, added:

“We are excited about the QuickStore because it enables rapid integration of Concurrent EDA’s high-performance IP. Rather than paying the high cost of unlimited usage, QuickStore enables low-volume licensing of IP at a fraction of the cost and therefore making our IP available to a larger number of potential users.”


Nikos Zervas CEO of CAST Inc., weighed in:

“The Quality of our IP have always generated a lot of request from a large amount of potential FPGA users to integrate our IP in their systems. While we have been challenged to address such high demand, QuickStore brings to us the opportunity to expand the reach of our IP and enable a much larger number of customers to benefit from it. In addition, QuickPlay also offers a great way for us to demonstrate and build applications around our IP”.


Steve Selby, Partner at Crucial IP, said:

“We’ve spent years developing a portfolio of IP cores with outstanding image quality to address the needs of the video and broadcast industry. QuickStore and QuickPlay bring us a unique platform to connect to all potential users and deliver our IP widely and efficiently, thereby increasing sales.”


Beyond the affordability of IP in QuickStore, QuickPlay users also benefit from the plug and play nature of QuickPlay enabling them to quickly and effortlessly integrate these IP in their designs. For IP vendors, by leveraging industry standards such as AXI-4 and IP-XACT, the integration of IP into QuickStore is effortless and contributes to the fast growing number of supported IP.


Nagesh Gupta, CEO of Auviz Systems, commented:

“FPGA High Level Design is an appealing concept that generates a lot of interest among many of our existing and potential customers, but as always, the devil is in the details.  With QuickPlay not only were we impressed by the ease of use for our customers but also by the ease of integration of our IP within QuickStore which is an important business element for us.”


Should QuickPlay users need extra assistance during the design phase, extract the maximum performance from the design through tailored HDL development they can turn to design services experts. Design services experts can also leverage their expertise in building complete FPGA systems by offering their designs to QuickStore customers in the form of ready to use Applications, generating a new source of revenue.


Antoine Wijlaars, Managing Director of Adeas, said:

“FPGA design has been growing increasingly more complicated over the years and we’ve seen quite a few companies turn to us for help on their designs or even give up on their FPGA projects altogether. QuickPlay is great in the way it opens up efficient FPGA design to a much larger community of developers than ever before, and as there will always be a few people who will want to optimize their system to the max, we will be there to help them do just that”.


Bertrand Cuzeau, CEO of ALSE, added:

“As a design house, our developments have generated numerous high quality HDL blocks for FPGA, but it has always been a challenge for us to make them available as IP to customers world-wide. Moreover, customers face another challenge for integrating complex IP in modern FPGAs, boards and projects. QuickPlay and QuickStore address this with an innovative approach, and offers us a platform to make our work, IP cores and design services, easily available to a wide range of customers and expand our market”


QuickPlay and QuickStore represent a paradigm shift in accessibility of FPGA technology to a larger audience of developers. PLDA GROUP invites interested IP vendors and design houses to join the QuickAlliance ecosystem and contribute to the dissemination of FPGA technology. FPGA board vendors who wish to get their FPGA platform supported in QuickPlay can contact the QuickAlliance team at


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