Paris, New York – March 09, 2022  Enyx, the leader in FPGA-based, high performance trading solutions for the finance industry, today announces the addition of pattern matching capabilities to its end-to-end trading engine, nxAccess.


The nxAccess pattern matcher is a lightweight market data decoder used for extracting key values from raw market data feeds which bypasses the feed handler and further reduces latency for specific messages, such as trade summaries.


This pivotal feature was developed in order to broaden the nxAccess trading engine functionality to a wider range of trading strategies, increasing the user’s ability to accommodate ultra-low latency demands while also preserving the flexibility to maintain more complex and less latency sensitive strategies within a single platform.


The nxAccess trading engine is an ultra-low latency solution that fully processes, filters and normalizes raw market data and provides an FPGA algorithm sandbox which allows developers to use software to pre-load, trigger, and update orders before sending to the trading venue.


The nxAccess trading engine boasts a 235 nanosecond (ns) latency reduction with the new pattern matcher functionality, compared to processing data via the feed handler, lowering the overall latency of the solution to under 400ns (SOP-to-SOP).


Laurent de Barry, Co-founder & Head of Solutions, commented: 


“The addition of the pattern matcher was born out of a commitment to our clients that we will always be innovating and improving our products. This feature does just that. By providing one solution for a wide range of strategies, nxAccess users can further increase their competitive advantage compared to software only users. This lower latency profile opens the door for users to deploy a host of new strategies”.


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About Enyx:

Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency FPGA-enabled technologies and solutions for the financial, telecommunications, and high performance computing industries.


Focused on delivering higher performance with a lower datacenter footprint, Enyx provides off-the-shelf, end-to-end solutions for the finance industry. The Enyx stack includes ultra low latency market data normalization and distribution, order execution and in-hardware algo acceleration. Additionally, the Enyx product range features wireless network solutions and a complete FPGA development framework compatible with a range of FPGA platforms.


With a passion for customer service and transparency, Enyx designs products made to deliver the next generation of technology, while maintaining accessibility and flexibility. Among our clients are financial service providers, exchanges, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.


Enyx offers global support to our clients worldwide with locations in Paris, New York, Montréal, London and Hong Kong.



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