Paris, France and California, USA – November 7, 2013 – NexxCom Wireless, LLC, a leading provider of wireless ultra low latency trading networks has selected the latest nxLink Fair Bandwidth Management (FBM) solution from Enyx to enhance its proprietary ultra low latency wireless networks supporting key financial venues globally.


The selection was made after several months of technical due diligence by NexxCom’s engineering organization and in concert with key NexxCom clients. NexxCom’s wireless solutions have a demonstrated track record of success minimizing latency, maximizing capacity and availability in a carrier class network solution.


S. Jay Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer at NexxCom, commented:

“We’re very pleased with the performance of the nxLink appliance. After extensive testing and evaluation over the past months, the solution has demonstrated itself to police bandwidth, ensure port to port fairness and also that inefficient port utilization has no impact on other users of the service. These results make it the right tool for policing our multi-client network platforms.”

The nxLink FBM solution provides NexxCom’s financial services clients engaged in electronic trading with robust bandwidth policing and network fairness while supporting ultra-low latency connectivity. The nxLink appliance employs a unique traffic policing system to prevent user data from impacting other users or user performance on NexxCom multi client solutions.


Emmanuel Pelle, Enyx board member, said,

”We are delighted that nxLink FBM was chosen by NexxCom. Our team worked closely with NexxCom and other customers for R&D purposes to develop new features needed in the marketplace. Our selection by NexxCom, who has built and is building so many high-end networks around the world is a welcome endorsement of our technology.”

The nxLink FBM is a state of the art FPGA solution deploying a specialist appliance on each end of the wireless link. Delivered as a standard network product the nxLink FBM easily fits in an existing infrastructure and offers web and SNMP based tools to provide constant monitoring of the wireless link health.



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About Enyx

ENYX is a leading developer and provider of proprietary ultra-low latency technology and solutions, primarily for trading. ENYX’s FPGA and Fair Bandwidth Management products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology, while also remaining accessible and flexible.


ENYX provides both off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke solutions and also assists in the integration and deployment of its platforms into the customer’s infrastructure. ENYX’s clients include telecom providers, market data vendors, investment banks and investment funds.


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About NexxCom Wireless, LLC:

NexxCom Wireless is a turnkey provider of high performance broadband wireless networks. Our solutions leverage NexxCom proprietary radios, or “engines,” to power ultra broadband, lowest latency, and highest availability networks. NexxCom takes the “wireless out of wireless” by handing our customers a physical layer wire or fiber optic that is indistinguishable from an actual wire. Our wire-in-the-sky approach ensures the best performance and plug-and-play interoperability with existing networks.


NexxCom’s customers are top-tier companies in enterprise, government and financial services markets worldwide. The company provides their customers with turnkey networks including patented RF technology, network design and engineering, project management, installation, and ongoing network management and service.


NexxCom networks enable applications such as ultra low latency high frequency trading, disaster recovery and diversity, storage area networking and broadband network extensions to existing carrier and private networks.


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