Vincent Boulant

Technical team leader | 📍 Montréal


What is your role at Enyx?

I am a Technical team leader and I manage a team that is responsible for delivering ultra-low latency (ULL) IP Cores for internal and external use. A big part of my role is to challenge the team to push past the status-quo in order to constantly innovate in terms of latency but also in terms of features.


Another significant part of my job at Enyx is to work with our clients, product owners and developers to translate feature requests into technical requirements that may end up on our roadmap.


How long have you worked at Enyx? 

In total, I’ve worked at Enyx for 6 years.  I was recruited as a developer to work our internal TCP and UDP IP Cores. After around 1.5 years as a developer, I was promoted to an FPGA Architect position working on our IP cores.


My journey as an FPGA Architect was led by the growth of these IP cores and after 4.5 years, we now have a wide-ranging set of low latency cores, such as our ULL MAC/PCS, ULL PCIe DMA and MMIO, as well as our ULL/STD TCP & UDP.


A large part of my work over the last few years was focused on building and refining our development framework solution, nxFramework, to give clients access to our internal tools and set of IP cores.


Tell us about your experience working at Enyx.

Working at Enyx is a very rewarding experience. I get to work with some incredibly smart and creative people and everyday I’m immersed in technical and innovative subjects that I get to work on with them. I love that when a new challenge appears and is resolved by working together. Enyx really values a collaborative work environment.


Enyx is also a company where we are all happy at work and we can share our professional and personal achievement and have fun together.


What are 3 words that come to mind when describing Enyx?

  • Innovation
  • Technical
  • Fun


What should prospective candidates know if they want to work at Enyx?

Make sure to have solid technical skills and be able to display them confidently. Be yourself during the interview!



Let’s learn a bit more about Vincent outside of work


Favorite place to visit or want to visit? 
Montréal, of course! That’s why I decided to relocate there to be a part of our first office in Canada.


Favorite food? 
A nice piece of meat grilled on the barbecue with veggies, fries and a glass of red wine.


What do you like to do in your free time?  
I love to cycle and go running. I’m also a big fan of nature and love traveling to new places that are well known for their beautiful landscapes.


What would you do for work if you weren’t an engineer?  
If I wasn’t an engineer, I’d be an accountant. I love numbers and solving complex problems.


If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would it be?  
It would probably be Thomas Edison. He had such a huge impact on today’s modern technology.


iPhone or Android?  
Apple for home, Linux for work.

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