Check out our latest performance report detailing the latency of our nxAccess solution on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) with a simple trading algorithm configured with and without the nxAccess pattern matcher.

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In this performance report, two paths to deliver and process incoming market data are tested. Path 1 is through an embedded FPGA-based feed handler with order book building that provides a complete view of the market. Path 2 is via the pattern matcher that decodes raw market data to quickly extract trade summary updates.


Bypassing the feed handler and using the nxAccess pattern matcher to process the CME trade summary messages, the hardware algorithm reduced latency by 223 nanoseconds at the minimum and 537 nanoseconds at the maximum. This lowered the overall latency of the solution to under 400 nanoseconds (SOP-to-SOP).



A little about nxAccess…

Designed for market making, high performance trading and arbitrage strategies, nxAccess is a trading engine with an FPGA algo sandbox allowing users to preload orders in hardware, receive market data then trigger & update those orders before sending to the trading venue.


The nxAccess solution gives users multiple data inputs and order execution methods, allowing for a wide range of trading strategies with varying latency requirements.



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