Last month Enyx hosted it’s first live event focused on the current state of FPGA technology in electronic trading. We had 170+ attendees from 56 different organizations representing 17 different countries.


As a leading FPGA expert, our aim was to re-envision the conversation around the used of FPGA in trading and explore how the technology has advanced, including the different ways FPGA is used and why.


Thank you to everyone who made our first event a great success, we hope you can join us for our fall 2021 edition.



Couldn’t make the live event? Not a problem!

Watch each individual session on-demand and catch up on the state of FPGA in trading.


watch recordings here


Recordings are available for the following sessions:

Fireside chat:

Arnaud Derasse, CEO at Enyx joins Dave Snowdon, Director, Engineering at Arista Networks and Olivier Cousin, System Architect at Xilinx for a conversation discussing:

Where is FPGA being used for trading, and is it right for me?

  • The journey from software to hardware
  • Hardware choice: ASIC or FPGA?
  • Standardization trends


Expert opinion: 

Enyx CTO, Christophe Desmouliers, on the challenges around FPGA bitstream generation



Keynote panel: 

What are the challenges with using FPGA for trading & what you need to know to succeed?

  • Thinking “like software” vs “like hardware” in order to successfully build complex trading systems
  • What logic belongs in FPGA, what is ideal for software & how to decide what is best?
  • Speed vs space constraints, which has priority?
  • How do the tools for software & hardware differ?
  • How has FPGA toolset evolved?


  • Moderator:  Kevin Covington, Independent FinTech consultant
  • Arista Networks:  Dave Snowdon, Director, Engineering
  • McKay Brothers:  Mike Schonberg, Director of Technology
  • Silexica:  Luis Murillo, Chief Technology Officer
  • Xilinx:  Olivier Cousin, System Architect
  • Enyx:  Laurent de Barry, Co-founder & Head of Trading Solutions



Enyx Update & 2021 Roadmap:

What’s in store for Enyx in 2021?


Arnaud Derasse, CEO at Enyx and Laurent de Barry, Head of Trading Solutions, present the 2021 Enyx company roadmap and briefly detail what we can expect from each Enyx product branch this year.



Vendor Updates:

  • Arista Networks: Why put your FPGA in a switch? presented by Dr. David Snowdon – Director, Engineering
  • Quincy Data: Low Latency Market Data presented by Nicholas Desjardins – Business Development, Procurement & Partnerships
  • Silexica: SLX FPGA – Accelerate the Journey from C/C++ to FPGA presented by Luis Murillo, CTO
  • Xilinx: Xilinx Accelerated Algorithmic – Accelerated Algorithmic Trading Made Easy presented by Olivier Cousin, System Architect


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