Chicago, New York, London – October 19, 2016 – Enyx, the leading provider of ultra-low latency solutions, and Metamako, the provider of the world’s fastest deterministic network devices to the global financial community, have today announced a strategic agreement.


The tie-up means that Enyx’s nxLink ultra-low latency network product line will use Metamako’s MetaApp Altera Arria 10 FPGA-based platform to power the nxLink solutions. This announcement further cements Metamako’s position as the platform of choice for specialist low-latency applications.



Arnaud Derasse, Co-founder & CEO of Enyx, says:

“We are proud to innovate jointly with Metamako to give the market our cutting-edge FPGA business applications running on a standardised FPGA network acceleration platform. We strongly believe that this partnership will open a world of new opportunities for applications developed by Enyx, running on Metamako’s platform.”


Metamako’s MetaApp offers a unique combination of three core components: a layer-1+ switch, an FPGA and an x86 server. Clients of the new partnership will quickly benefit from the nxLink Share and nxLink Secure applications, which are now available on the Metamako Platform. Switching to the Metamako platform enables nxLink solutions to comply with telecom form factor for easier datacenter integration.


Kevin Covington, CEO of Metamako, says:

“It’s excellent news for Metamako to have Enyx as a value-added solutions provider leveraging our platform. It once again reinforces Metamako’s position as a market leader in deterministic, ultra-low latency network devices; being the platform of choice will widen our access across various functions in global financial markets, including banks, brokers, hedge funds, etc.”


Derasse adds:

“Our partnership with Metamako will allow us to offer an even better service to our clients and provide the right combination of flexibility, speed and power. The fact that we both invest so much in R&D, and are continually working on our products and bringing new ones to market was of great interest to us; we already have several clients using our new offering and the feedback is excellent.”


The nxLink Share application targets radio frequency telecom operators and allows service sharing by multiple users through bandwidth limitation for individual users. The nxLink Secure application also provides fibre backup to a primary radio frequency, ensuring all packets are transmitted from one end to another, whether it is through the primary or the backup.



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About Enyx

Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency technologies and solutions primarily focused on the financial industry. Enyx’s FPGA-enabled products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology.


Enyx provides both off-the-shelf trading and telecom solutions and IP Cores, and assists in their integration and deployment into the customer’s infrastructure. Our clients include financial technology service providers, exchanges, investment banks and funds.


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About Metamako

Metamako, founded in 2013, develops the world’s fastest network devices, with the goal of simplifying networks, reducing latency, improving determinism and increasing flexibility.


To date Metamako has brought the following high-performance devices to market: MetaConnect 16, MetaConnect 48, MetaMux 32, MetaApp 32 and MetaMux 48.  In addition, Metamako has released the MetaMux and MetaWatch applications to run on the Metamako platform.


In 2014 KPMG named Metamako in its first Global Top 50 FinTech Innovators report, and in 2015 Metamako was listed as an emerging star in KPMG’s global Fintech 100.


The founders, Scott Newham, Dave Snowdon and Charles Thomas, have extensive experience engineering high-performance hardware and software for financial markets as well as other verticals, where keeping latency to a minimum and having a high degree of determinism are vitally important. Metamako’s solutions have built-in intelligence and are rich in features, using state-of-art technology.


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