Happy Wednesday everyone!


Today it was announced that Enyx will be joining the BittWare Partner Program, an ecosystem of industry collaborators aimed at promoting innovation while reducing risk and time-to-market for FPGA-based solutions.


Check out the Enyx page of the Partner Program website where nxFramework is currently featured.



A little about nxFramework…

Developed for building in-house high performance trading engines, order execution systems, pre-trade risk check gateways, and custom projects — nxFramework is a hardware and software development environment designed to efficiently build and maintain ultra-low latency FPGA applications for the financial industry.


Based on 10 years of research and development, nxFramework is the foundation for all Enyx off-the-shelf solutions and provides clients with the toolchain to manage a large portfolio of applications.




To learn more about the partner program, read the press release.


Download the nxFramework data sheet.


download pdf



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