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CHICAGO, IL — May 18, 2016 — Enyx is unveiling an ultra-low latency optimized version of its acclaimed TCP/IP, MAC and PCS FPGA Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, respectively introduced as the Financial Edition of nxTCP and nxMAC + nxPCS. This new edition is available for top-of-the-line Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.


Enyx, a world-class pioneer in ultra-low latency solutions for the financial industry, has released the Financial Edition set of IP cores for hardware designers who work on custom FPGA-enabled projects requiring ultra-low latency network connectivity. End customer profiles include hedge funds, investment banks and proprietary trading firms with FPGA development capabilities.


Eric Rovira Ricard, VP Business Development in charge of the Technology/IP branch at Enyx, commented:

“We are proud to present the financial industry with a new line of IP Cores specifically designed to fully satisfy a growing demand for ultra-low latency optimizations while maintaining our acclaimed standards for the high quality and reliability of our IP Core products.”


Enyx nxTCP Financial Edition features full RTL ISO layers 1 to 4 ultra-low latency implementations compliant with IEEE 802.3 standards, which include 10G PCS, MAC, ARP, IPv4, ICMP and TCP protocols. Similarly, Enyx nxMAC + nxPCS includes the above 10G PCS and MAC layers.


Enyx nxTCP Financial Edition latency:
– TOTAL: 168.32 ns (TX) and 164.84 ns (RX), measured from the wire to layer 4, which is composed of:
– TCP/IP: 124 ns (TX) and 108.2 ns (RX)
– MAC: 16 ns (TX) and 16 ns (RX)
– PCS: 18.62 ns (TX) and 37.25 ns (RX)
– Altera Stratix V PMA: 9.70 ns (TX) and 3.39 ns (RX)


Enyx nxMAC + nxPCS Financial Edition latency:
– TOTAL: 44.32 ns (TX) and 56.64 ns (RX), measured from the wire to layer 2, which is composed of MAC, PCS and PMA values from above.


Measurement conditions: Altera Stratix V FPGA, 10G connectivity, MAC and TCP/IP blocks running at 250 MHz, 1-byte payload.


Enyx IP Cores today have over 40 customers worldwide, including hedge funds, exchanges, top-tier investment banks, telecom operators, research labs, universities, and technology manufacturers for the defense, aeronautics, aerospace, and high performance computing industries.


Enyx IP Cores can be purchased directly from Enyx or from certified board partners and distributors, and include a variety of integration examples and reference designs for their boards.


Enyx made this announcement today at the Trading Show Chicago 2016 exhibition and conference at Navy Pier, where it is currently presenting all its product lines.







About Enyx

Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency technologies and solutions primarily focused on the financial industry. Enyx’s FPGA-enabled products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology. Enyx provides both off-the-shelf trading and telecom solutions and IP Cores, and assists in their integration and deployment into the customer’s infrastructure.


Our clients include financial technology service providers, exchanges, investment banks and funds.


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