Paris, France – June 17, 2013 – Enyx together with Custom Connect Microwave (CCMW) have delivered an innovative technology service enabling a low latency microwave link to be shared equally among multiple users. The appliance is able to divide the microwave pure layer 1 bandwidth into segments of 10 Mbps with the lowest possible latency.


Microwave technology is leading the way in providing ultra-low latency connectivity, with performance improvements of over 40% compared to fiber connectivity. This latest service has been deployed by Custom Connect between Basildon and Frankfurt for the technological high-demanding financial community.


The Enyx appliance has been specifically designed to deliver fair bandwidth management (FBM) ensuring each user is provided at all times with their guaranteed bandwidth. The appliance employs a unique traffic policing system to ensure that no user data can impact any other user.


Olav van Doorn, Executive Director at Custom Connect, commented:

“Our connectivity infrastructure solutions ensure reliability, creativity, cost effectiveness and carrier neutrality. Enyx has provided us with a robust solution that delivers fair bandwidth management guaranteeing our clients a level playing field.”


“The traffic is simply policed ensuring all users deliver their data in a uniform way. As a result the system works with virtually no overhead! This leads the way to enable microwave solutions to be used in a completely new and differentiated way.”


Arnaud Derasse, CEO of Enyx, said:

“We are delighted to have designed and delivered an high-end ultra low latency solution for CCMW, fully tailored to their specific needs. Enyx and CCMW designed this service together with the input of one of the CCMW’s first customers.”




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About Enyx

Enyx is a leading developer and provider of proprietary ultra-low latency technology and solutions, primarily for trading. Enyx’s products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology, while also remaining accessible and flexible.


Enyx provides off-the-shelf solutions compatible with FPGA platforms such as PLDA, Bittware or ARISTA, and also assists in the integration and deployment of its platform into the customer’s infrastructure. Enyx’s clients include some of the leading securities market places, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.


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About Custom Connect

Custom Connect is the global reseller of high-performance network solutions. Custom Connect’s services offer carrier-neutral, reliable and integrated connectivity while simplifying network management, support and sourcing through a single point-of-contact. Custom Connect is specialized in the design, delivery and support of bespoke low-latency networks.


Custom Connect provides Dark Fiber, Wavelengths, Ethernet, IP, Microwaves and colocation services in combination with project management and a dedicated 24×7 support organization. Custom Connect’s customer base consists of Fortune 500 companies, High-Frequency Trading Desks, ISPs, Banks and Publishers. Custom Connect is headquartered in The Netherlands.



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