Paris, France – 6 November 2013: Enyx today announces that it has chosen TS-Associates TipOff® and Application Tap® solutions for the Precision Instrumentation and performance certification of its low latency electronic trading solutions. This gives Enyx customers the reassurance of independent performance certification and the capability to deploy integrated TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation® solutions for production flow monitoring. This means that latency sensitive businesses now have a best of breed combination of low latency performance and instrumentation platforms.


Enyx, a licensed member of the Application Tap ecosystem, will integrate Application Tap instrumentation support directly into their FPGA solutions. For the first time, customers will be able to instrument the internal operation of Enyx’s multi-tier FPGA solutions with true hop by hop latency visibility of internal FPGA processing phases. This will enable even more granular performance management and tuning.


Precision Instrumentation has become critically important to enterprises whose business processes rely on the timeliness and integrity of complex electronic trading infrastructures. Enyx fulfils this need by developing the most latency sensitive trading components using state of the art FPGA hardware. Whilst it is becoming common to deploy standalone FPGA based feed handlers, trading algorithms, order management and risk solutions, Enyx is unique in providing all of these components integrated into a single FPGA platform thus achieving the ultimate in low latency performance.


Brice Vincent, CTO at Enyx, commented:

“Our engineering team has a continuous goal of achieving the best latencies, and precision instrumentation tools like TipOff and Application Tap are a key to meet this challenge. TS-Associates solutions are now fully integrated in our development flow to guarantee that each new release has improved performance.”


Henry Young, CEO at TS-Associates, said:

“We are happy to have been selected by Enyx. As a best of breed vendor at the sharp end of ultra-low latency electronic trading systems, performance matters to Enyx. We see this as validation that our Precision Instrumentation solutions are a match for Enyx’s truly astonishing performance and look forward to facilitating further performance improvements as Enyx optimises their solutions.”


Steve Rodgers, CTO at TS-Associates, added:

“We designed Application Tap for software component instrumentation in a world where the traditional approach to deploying high performance electronic trading systems onto a distributed multi-server architecture has consolidated by leveraging multi core, multi socket server innovations. We’re excited that Enyx will now take our vision for Application Tap a stage further, drilling down even deeper into the functional building blocks within their unique FPGA solutions architecture.”


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