Paris, Hong Kong, New York — Sept 22, 2021 — Enyx, a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency, FPGA-based trading solutions for the financial industry, and BOC International (BOCI) are pleased to announce a strategic relationship where Enyx is providing core technology to enable fast and accurate market data within BOCI’s market making platforms.


BOCI has selected and successfully deployed the Enyx market data processing solution, nxFeed, to power their high-performance market making for securities and derivatives on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX).


Andy Tai, Head of Trading Technology, Equity Derivatives, commented, 


“As we looked to improve our trading infrastructure to remain competitive, we felt the need to evaluate the use of FPGA technology with a goal to provide a substantial improvement over existing, legacy software solutions at the company. Enyx came out on top in terms of functionality, latency, and support. One of the key goals of the initiative is our ability to use the same platform for both ultra low latency trading, as well as the less latency sensitive applications. The nxFeed solution supported us in achieving this goal for our production trading infrastructure. We are excited to build upon our already successful relationship with Enyx and leverage their expertise in the high performance trading space to determine where we can use more FPGA technology.”


In addition to reducing market data processing latency and server footprint compared to software-based solutions, nxFeed also provides the flexibility for deployment as an in-application architecture using both PCIe and distributed via UDP multicast over Ethernet.


The Enyx nxFeed solution is a feed handler which streamlines market data application development by processing data feeds for applications via a simple, normalized API. Designed to complement trading applications or in-house ticker plant development, nxFeed will arbitrate, decode, normalize and build order books on a plug-in, FPGA-based NIC — significantly reducing application processing resources. This allows developers to focus on what they do best — build core business logic.


Alexandre Durand, VP of Business Development – APAC, added:


“We’re proud and excited to have this flagship deployment with the BOC International reach a production milestone. This collaboration underlines both the maturity and competency of our solutions and is another demonstration of our commitment to the support of global trading markets. Over the past year, we have seen more firms make the move from in-house, software-based stacks to our FPGA-enabled solutions, such as nxFeed and nxAccess. BOC International has demonstrated their leadership by being one of the first in Asia to deploy FPGA.”










About BOC International (BOCI)

BOCI was one of the first investment banks established in China and is one of the biggest and strongest Chinese investment banks in overseas markets. BOCI has a leading position in the Hong Kong capital market in terms of overall competitiveness, thanks to its comprehensive cross-border investment banking services platform that ranks at the forefront among Chinese investment banks, and to its internationalized investment banking framework that upholds best practices in the industry.


BOCI was incorporated in Hong Kong on 10 July 1998, and its predecessor, China Development Finance Company (HK) Limited, was established in 1979. Having grown and prospered during the wave of China’s reforms and opening-up over the past 41 years, BOCI has proved itself to be a trusted expert in the mainland market with deep insight into local conditions and a strong grasp of international regulations.


Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, New York and Singapore, BOCI provides clients with a full range of investment banking products and services in both mainland China and overseas capital markets, including share issuance, merger and acquisition, bond issuance, fixed income, private banking, private equity, global commodities, asset management, equity derivatives, and leveraged and structured financing. It is one of the very few Chinese investment banks capable of providing international one-stop services in both the mainland China and Hong Kong markets. BOCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of China (3988.HK; 601988.SS).


About Enyx:
Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency, FPGA-enabled technologies and solutions for the financial, telecommunications, and high performance computing industries.


Focused on delivering higher performance with a lower datacenter footprint, Enyx provides off-the-shelf, end-to-end solutions for the finance industry. The Enyx stack includes ultra low latency market data normalization and distribution, order execution and in-hardware algo acceleration. Additionally, the Enyx product range features wireless network solutions and a complete FPGA development framework compatible with a range of FPGA platforms.


With a passion for customer service and transparency, Enyx designs products made to deliver the next generation of technology, while maintaining accessibility and flexibility. Among our clients are financial service providers, exchanges, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.


Enyx offers global support to our clients worldwide with locations in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong.


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