About Enyx

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Our Mission

Why we’re here


At Enyx, our goal is to lead the way as the finance industry embraces more advanced technology in its pursuit towards building more comprehensive, efficient and profitable infrastructures. 


Our value lies in our expertise, with over a decade of experience building reliable solutions that get the job done. Our goal is to not only be the best at developing complex information systems for finance, but also lead the way in promoting transparency through open testing and reporting. 


With a client-driven development strategy, we are keenly focused on delivering solutions with the best latency and features that work for our client in an ever evolving technology landscape. We believe that the benefits of FPGA technology can be accessible to a wider group of end-users with a range of diverse needs and problems to solve. 


Our reputation of success is accomplished by prioritizing quality, flexibility and transparency in each project we undertake. 

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