Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ: ALTR) programmable logic solutions enables system and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost effectively innovate, differentiate, and win in their markets. Altera offers FPGAs, SoC FPGAs, CPLDs, and ASICs in combination with software tools, intellectual property, embedded processors and customer support to provide high-value programmable solutions.

accelize_logo ReFLEX CES

Accelize is the leading brand name of ReFLEX CES for the FPGA-based technology for the Financial Services Industry. Accelize’s ultra-low latency FPGA network platforms include a combination of leading edge FPGA processing cards along with a library of infrastructure intellectual property (IP), finance-specific IP, software APIs, and reference design.

BittWare designs FPGA solutions based exclusively on the latest technology from Altera using industry-standard form factors including PCI Express. Our products address the challenges of developing financial applications,providing ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and maximum performance per watt. A scalable architecture enables “FPGA farm” implementations and provides support for future technology insertion and upgrades. For those customers looking for an OpenCL programming environment, BittWare, a member of Altera’s Preferred Board Partner Program for OpenCL, offers their OpenCL Developer’s Bundle complete with a Stratix V-based half-length PCIe board.

TS-Associates is the leading supplier of Precision Instrumentation solutions for latency sensitive trading systems. With TipOff® for network and data flow monitoring, Correlix for trade flow analysis and Application Tap® for software event instrumentation, TS-Associates is the only vendor to offer a complete range of Precision Instrumentation solutions capable of providing nanometric transparency into the latency dynamics of trading systems, catering to the needs of both technology and business users.