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10G Ultra-low latency TCP/IP + MAC + PCS IP core for FPGAs


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The world’s most reliable and mature full hardware
ultra-low latency TCP/IP, MAC and PCS IP Cores.

Bring the best-in-class ultra-low latency network connectivity to your hardware design with Enyx rock-solid and acclaimed Ethernet IP Cores. Minimize time-to-market with our full RTL implementation and support. Stay always at the forefront of technology with our frequent updates with the latest latency improvements and optimizations.

Client profiles include

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Key points

Best-in-class ultra-low latency from wire to user’s logic.

10G Ethernet connectivity. Maximum bandwidth delivered.

Full RTL Layers 1, 2, 3 and 4, which include Enyx proprietary ultra-low latency full hardware TCP/IP, ARP, ICMP, MAC and PCS implementations.

Clock configurable at up to 250 MHz, for improved latency results.

Easy to use standardized Avalon and AXI-4 interfaces.

Multiple instances per FPGA and multiple logical interfaces per instance, each of them with a unique IPv4, MAC address, VLAN ID, Gateway and Mask.

Up to 128 TCP sessions per instance, each of them configurable dynamically in server or client mode.

Supported FPGAs


Technical specifications


Management of layers 1, 2, 3 and 4 (OSI Model), compliant with
– Layer 1: IEEE802.3
– Layer 2: IEEE802.3, ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
– Layer 3: IPv4 and ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
– Layer 4: TCP (RFC 793)

TCP Management per session
– Up to 128 simultaneous sessions
– Client or server mode configurable at runtime

User Configurable TCP Options
– VLAN Priority, with insertion of PCP and DEI fields at emission
– Window Scale Factor
– Timestamp

Customizable MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)
– Up to 9000 bytes payload to support from standard to jumbo frames

MAC in Promiscuous mode (transparent)
– Access to MAC raw TX/RX interface

ICMP and ARP protocol support

Multiple Interface
– Up to 8 logical interfaces per instance
– Linked to any session
– VLAN configurable per interface

Avalon/AXI-4 Streaming
– 128-bit wide interface running at 250 MHz for TCP/IP client port
– 64-bit wide interface running at 250 MHz for MAC client port (TCP/IP bypass)

IP configuration/management
– 32-bit Avalon-MM/AXI- 4 lite slave control interface for MAC and TCP
– Status and statistics available for monitoring at MAC or TCP session level

Customizable TCP retransmission buffer
– Customizable buffer size (depth and width)
– Customizable Internal or External memory support (DDRx, QDRx, …) depending configuration on performance and FPGA size requirements

PHY Interface
– PMA Parallel Data between PCS and vendor PMA (PMA Direct Mode for Altera
– MII 64-bit Streaming Interface between PCS and MAC

Package contents

nxTCP IP Core
– Libraries for functional simulation
– Synthesizable VHDL and Verilog RTL (encrypted) for synthesis/implementation

nxTCP Testbench
– Simulation libraries

Client-Server Reference Designs
– Simulation environment and scripts
– Quartus II and Vivado Synthesis/implementation project for supported partner’s boards

Complete Documentation
– User’s manual
– Getting started guide

Technical Support and Maintenance Updates
– 1 year of technical support
– 1 year of IP updates

Enyx certified board partners