• Per symbol and per level customizable filtering
  • Apply different filtering parameters for different strategies
  • Fully dynamic filtering

Available plateforms

Enyx FPB1


  • Full featured hardware distribution system
  • Scalable – expand trading opportunities to other instruments, asset class and venues without modifying one line of code
  • Multiple end users – feed up to 120 trading servers accros an organization through an existing Ethernet infrastructure

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  • Designed to be deployed as a managed service
  • Guarantees best performance while allowing cost of technology to be shared across multiple end-users
  • Easy to deploy, monitor and maintain by existing network teams

Supported markets

nxFeed Diagram

nxFeed is a full-featured ultra-low latency market data distribution system, which utilizes the power of FPGA technology to offer wire-speed performance and jitter-free determinism when distributing market data.

nxFeed had been specifically designed for financial hosting and connectivity service providers who wish to offer an ultra low latency service to their existing customers using their existing infrastructure. From market data vendors to investment banks or prime brokers, nxFeed satisfies all the needs for best-in-class market data distribution.

Filter – To reduce network load and to prevent trading servers from having to ingest un-needed data, nxFeed offers configurable instrument and book depth filtering on up to twelve different ports. This fine filtering reduces jitter and increases performance by reducing the network and server load.

Distribute – Providing a fully processed, filtered and normalized market data feed, nxFeed is designed to serve large and multi-site trading infrastructures. Through its easy-to-use API, an end user can connect at any time, request the appropriate symbols, and nxFeed handles the synchronization so trading can start.

Manage – nxFeed is designed to be deployed as a managed service, including a monitoring and configuration web interface and a full set of SNMP services making it easy to deploy, monitor and maintain as a state-of-the-art market data distribution service.

Enyx supports other markets on-demand. For more information, please contact us.