• Subscribe process and filter raw market data
  • Handle data at wire speed, not sensitive to network bursts
  • Full hardware active lane arbitration and reconstruction
  • Full hardware book building

Available plateforms

Enyx FPB1


  • Specifically designed for time sensitive strategies
  • Normalized access to venues
  • Allows CPU to be 100 % dedicated to trading strategies
  • Expand to other markets without changing any line of code

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  • Full hardware TCP offload
  • Full hardware FIX engine
  • Build and send order messages at wire speed
  • Minimal API-to-hardware communication latency

Supported markets

nxAccess Diagram

nxAccess is an FPGA-enabled Network Interface Card designed to plug directly into the PCI-E slot of a co-located trading server. It performs two full hardware offload functions: market data acquisition; and order execution and interfaces with trading strategies through normalized software APIs.

nxAccess is designed specifically for latency-sensitive trading firms that co-locate their trading servers, such as high-speed systematic hedge funds, electronic market makers and proprietary high-performance trading firms.

Acquire – Designed to handle raw market data feed at wire speed, nxAccess delivers constant, deterministic, jitter-free performance to ensure that trading strategies are not adversely impacted by market bursts. It also reduces the latency – and improves the accuracy – of time-sensitive trading strategies by employing per-symbol/per-level filtering and discarding any unneeded data.

Trade – Using normalized APIs for both market data and order interfaces, nxAccess offers the power of the FPGA technology with the integration simplicity of a software solution. These high level interfaces also ensure the transparency of the market protocols updates.

Execute – With a full hardware TCP stack and FIX engine, nxAccess is designed to offload all the order execution processing into the FPGA. Using a lean binary format between the software and hardware layers, it drastically reduces the API and transportation latency to their minimum.

Enyx supports other markets on-demand. For more information, please contact us.

Some of nxAccess Clients*

Quincy Data

*Please note that most nxAccess clients request not to be publicly disclosed.