Latest FPGA Technology

In order to create the highest performing products, Enyx designed its own hardware using the latest FPGA technology. Since we are one of the first companies to integrate the Stratix V FPGA device, our clients benefit from the best technical solutions on the market for the integration of 10Gb Ethernet / 40 Gb Ethernet and PCI Express Gen 3 technologies.

Hardware IP Technology

To ensure the best reliability and performance, Enyx designs its own hardware IPs for FPGA to manage critical functions such as market data handlers, TCP/UDP network stacks and ultra low-latency hardware/software PCI Express interfaces.

Financial Hardware Expertise

Relying on years of experience in finance and micro-electronics, Enyx is designing all FPGA-based solutions for latency sensitive applications specifically for financial markets. With a wide range of expertise from Market Data feed handling to order execution using either Binary, Fast, Fix or ASCII formats – Enyx has a solution to all your financial IT problems.

Full Hardware Processing

All hardware applications from Enyx are completed with no CPU processing. This is the key to achieving ultra low-latency and a fully deterministic performance. Using an unparalleled approach to low-latency memory configuration, the Enyx platform is able to process 10 Gb Ethernet data flows with no internal queuing.

Network Technology Skills

The Enyx team is young, talented and can handle any request concerning network protocols, on-the-wire data processing, and custom applications involving networks and data processing.