Enyx FPB1 Platform

A high-end FPGA board to address financial industry needs

Enyx is developing a Stratix V PCI-Express board, to be plugged into a standard server to answer the following needs:

  • Low-latency network feeds processing using an FPGA device.
  • Very high speed hardware algorithms hosting.
  • High bandwidth networking interfaces for in and out network connections.
  • Ultra Low-latency memory access coupled with high bandwidth memory access.
  • Scalable parallel processing.
  • Low Latency Hardware-Software communications.

All these key features are needed to build hardware market feed handlers, in-hardware trading algorithms, and in-hardware order execution gateways.


Altera Stratix V 5SGXEA7N2F45C2N

  • 622 000 Logic Elements,
  • 234 750 Adaptive Logic Modules (ALMs),
  • 642 000 Registers,
  • 57 Mb internal memory,
  • 512 18×18 Hardware multipliers,
  • 256 27×27 Digital Signal Processing Blocks,
  • 28 PLL for digital clocks synthesis.


High Density / High Bandwidth memory: 4 x 4 Gb DDR3-1600 @ 800 MHz memory

  • Organized in two separate banks with 16 bit data bus.
  • Total Bandwidth = 6,4 GBytes/sec.
  • Total Density = 2 GBytes.

Low Latency / High Bandwidth memory: 8 x 144Mbit QDR II+ SRAM Memory @ 550 MHz.

  • Organized into 8 separate banks. 4 banks with x18 data width, 4 banks with x36 data width.
  • Memory latency: 25 ns.
  • Simultaneous write and read operation.
  • Total memory array bandwidth = 240 Gbits/sec reading + 240 Gbits/sec writing.
  • Total Density = 144 MBytes.

Non-Volatile Flash memory device: 1 x 256Mbit SPI flash memory to hold FPGA bitstream configuration and networking interfaces MAC addresses.


4 x SFP+ ports for 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s Ethernet fiber or copper applications.

3 x QSFP+ ports for 40 Gb/s Ethernet and PCI-Express 3.0

4x External Cabling applications.


PCI Express Generation 3.0 x8 interface.

Proprietary inter-board communication bus to link two boards together at 62,5 Gb/sec.


Standard 6-pin PCI-Express power supply connector.

Standard Fan speed / temperature / voltage monitoring feature via SMBus.


PCI Express Standard profile, 3⁄4 length using 1 PCI-Express slot in standard configuration, 2 slots for additional SFP+ ports and LEDs.


Buy this FPGA Platform

The Enyx FPB1 can be purchased to host Enyx Applications or for your own developments.


Solutions supported by this platform

nxAccess solution
nxFeed solution
nxLink solution