Enyx soft-hardware design services
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À la carte soft-hardware design

Bring to reality your own concept of Smart NIC or Smart Switch based on your favorite FPGA-enabled hardware. Take advantage of Enyx's soft-hardware development framework and acclaimed high reliability connectivity IP Cores to accomplish this within weeks. Or simply let Enyx do it for you. Seamlessly integrate your soft-hardware design with software through Enyx drivers and communication APIs.

Client profiles include

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Key points

Tailored hardware for your application
– Application-specific custom hardware provides the most efficient option to achieve high performance with a reduced power consumption and a low footprint.
– Hardware acceleration delivers parallel processing and offloads application and network protocol management from CPUs.

– Soft-hardware FPGA technology allows silicon reconfiguration and convenient hardware design updates through firmware flash.
– Enyx supports multiple FPGA-based platforms, including COTS NICs and switches, and custom boards.
– Enyx API and Linux drivers are available for seamless hardware-software interfacing.

Expertise and time-to-market advantage
– Enyx FPGA & SoC Verilog/VHDL Development Framework allow soft-hardware developers to easily take advantage of Enyx connectivity IP Cores, letting them focus on their business logic.
– Enyx design services deliver full custom soft-hardware designs for non-soft-hardware developers, and assist and increase the workforce for existing hardware development teams.

Best-in-class connectivity
– Enyx full soft-hardware 25G/10G/1G Ethernet IP Cores include TCP/IP, UDP/IP and MAC protocols implementation and deliver ultra-low latency at maximum bandwidth.
– Enyx DMA provides CPU connectivity through PCIe or AXI-4 bus with drivers and APIs.
– Frequent updates of Enyx packaged IP Cores with optimizations and enhancements are available on the Enyx distribution website.

Choose your platform

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currently supported FPGAs and SoCs


Take advantage of
Enyx connectivity soft-hardware IP Cores for your design




Leverage the infinte hardware reconfigurable possibilities to create a Smart NIC that is pre-processing network flows and offloading your server CPU.

Build your own :
– Network security enabled NIC
– Filter and Capture NIC
– High Bandwidth TCP endpoint

Take advantage of the most recent FPGA accelerated switching platforms to insert “In-The-Network” high performance processing in your infrastructure.

Build your own :
– Custom Packet Filtering device
– Compression device
– High Bandwidth TCP/UDP bridge
– Custom protocols management device

Transform your favorite System-on-Chip FPGA in a powerful data processing system. Offload most of the intensive network processing load in the FPGA matrix.

Build your own :
– Edge computing platform for IoT
– Live Gaming system

Enyx hardware platform partners

Smart NICs

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Smart switch


Custom Hardware

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