CHICAGO, PARIS and NEW YORK CITY — May 9, 2018 — Enyx, answering the increasing demand for its FPGA-based acceleration services in North America, announces the opening of their second U.S. office located at 141 West Jackson Blvd. – Suite 1405, Chicago, IL 60604

Kevin O’Connor joins Enyx as the VP of Sales, North America and is based in Chicago, IL

Kevin comes to Enyx with over 30 years of experience in capital markets and has worked in the industry through a number of different capacities. For the past 12 years, Kevin successfully sold market data and market access solutions to the high performance, low latency audience. Their requirements and use cases have become increasingly dependent on low latency and determinism, while still requiring flexibility in order to generate alpha.

“I joined Enyx because they have a full range of products that are well suited to participants of today’s capital markets

The explosive growth of data across industry verticals is driving increased demand for data management solutions – for which the performance, flexibility, and low power requirements of FPGAs are well-suited. The new era of volatility creates a perfect environment for firms to identify and address problems with an expectation that they will capture more profitable trades.

“With increasing data rates, software solutions can no longer provide the level of determinism required to take advantage of opportunities in today’s volatile marketplace,” commented Kevin O’Connor. “FPGAs are very good at solving this problem and Enyx has positioned themselves as a dominant player in a vendor space which has dealt with a consolidating customer base over the past decade”.

As a former trader, Kevin started in open outcry and later transitioned to electronic trading – his prospects consider him a contemporary after so many years in the industry. “I understand their use cases and the pain points associated with the problems they are currently trying to solve,” continued Kevin.

The Chicago office will join existing locations in Paris, New York City and Hong Kong.