This Financial Markets Insights article is about how and where FPGA technology is increasly being used in low latency trading operations, beyond the traditional areas of market data acquisition and distribution. Mike O’Hara, publisher of The Trading Mesh, talks to Mike Schonberg of Quincy Datan, Laurent de Barry and Nicolas Karonis of Enyx and Henry Young of TS-Associates.

The growing utilisation of FPGA technology in the financial markets, particulary in the last five years or so, means that data can now be handled at extreme low latency. FPGA presents many advantages as the fastest path between trading platforms and low latency networks. End users flexibility is increasing all the time. In this article, Laurent de Barry and Nicolas Karonis of Enyx, explain some of the capabilities of today’s leading FPGA solutions.

For more informations, the Enyx team invites you to read the article at : FPGA – Beyond Market Data