Our products

nxAccess is an FPGA-enabled Network Interface Card designed to plug directly into the PCI-E slot of a co-located trading server.

nxFeed is a full-featured ultra-low latency market data distribution system, which utilizes the power of FPGA technology to offer wire-speed performance and jitter-free determinism when distributing market data.

nxLink is a suite of next-generation network products designed to address performance problems such as latency, link management and bandwidth optimization.

The world’s most reliable and mature full hardware Ethernet FPGA IP Cores, for hardware designers.

Enyx in the press

1805, 2016

Enyx introduces nxTCP Financial Edition and nxMAC + nxPCS Financial Edition, best-in-class ultra-low latency TCP/IP, MAC and PCS full hardware IP Cores for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs

The Trading Show Chicago 2016 CHICAGO, IL — May 18, 2016 — Enyx is unveiling an ultra-low latency optimized version of its acclaimed TCP/IP, MAC and PCS FPGA Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, respectively introduced as [...]

411, 2015

Enyx commercializes nxTCP and nxUDP: High performance and ultra-low latency TCP and UDP full-hardware stack IP cores for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs

2015 FIA Futures & Options Expo CHICAGO, IL — November 4, 2015 — Enyx is unveiling its technology product line, which includes TCP and UDP FPGA Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, respectively introduced as nxTCP and nxUDP. [...]

604, 2015

Enyx to inaugurate its North American office in April 2015

2015 HPC for Wall Street Show & Conference NEW YORK CITY, NY — April 6, 2015 — Enyx has announced the opening of its North American office. The acclaimed ultra-low latency FPGA-based solutions provider is [...]

2306, 2014

Ultra low latency between two major New Jersey trading hubs

Our client, Hudson Fiber Network, has deployed our solution in their last ultra low latency New Jersey routes. Key acheivements include latency reduction from 59 to 34.5 micro seconds. HFN have been delighted with our [...]